The Creek War (Kidsboro Adventures)

Authors: Marshal Younger
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Keywords: adventures, kidsboro, creek
Pages: 128
Published: 2008-06-18
Language: English
Category: Christian, Religious Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Children's
ISBN-10: 1589974115     ISBN-13: 9781589974111
Binding: Paperback (Unabridged Version)
List Price: 6.99 USD
  • Rating: 100%
Kids rule. In the woods behind Whit's End Soda Shoppe, there's a new neighborhood going up in the town of Odyssey. It has a police station, a church, a newspaper . . . and a total of zero citizens older than 14! Welcome to Kidsboro. What will happen to a town run entirely by kids? Find out in Kidsboro, where kids make and sometimes break the rules.
In The Creek War, Max is the richest and most powerful kid in town, but his antics get him kicked out of Kidsboro. In revenge, he creates his own town across the creek and names it Bettertown. And, it really does appear better—it has more attractions, tastier food, and more exciting entertainment. Soon, several Kidsboro citizens have left for greener pastures. But even though Bettertown appears to live up to its name, there are secrets within its walls!

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