Celtic Meditation Music

Authors: Aine Minogue
Publisher: Sounds True, Incorporated
Keywords: music, meditation, celtic
Published: 2004-04-01
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1591791529     ISBN-13: 9781591791522
Binding: Audio CD (Abridged)
List Price: 16.98 USD
If prayers were music, what would they sound like? Irish harpist Aine Minogue offers her artful answer on Celtic Meditation Music--a collection of original songs based on ancient Celtic prayers, specifically composed for meditation and relaxation. "The Irish harp has always been associated with spirituality," says Minogue, and this is especially evident on her newest album. Using traditional poetry as divine inspiration, she crafts a set of instrumental "slow airs"--feminine, expressive, and dynamic songs that transpose the silent spaces between the lines of Celtic prayer into melody. Minogue's numerous albums, including the acclaimed Between the Worlds, cross genres and appeal to Celtic, World, Folk, and New Age music enthusiasts alike. Her introspective style is at once deeply rooted in the ancient form and imbued with a creativity all her own, making her a regular favorite with Billboard Magazine and Boston Globe reviewers and National Public Radio. Now, with Celtic Meditation Music, fans--both new and old--are immersed in the haunting, modal tones of the harp, turning the act of listening into an invitation to an ancient sacred space--an invitation that lasts long after the final vibration of the strings. Irish harp accompanied by clarinet, cello, violin, and percussion.

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