Mr. Secretary Walsingham And The Policy Of Queen Elizabeth (3 Volumes)

Authors: Conyers Read
Publisher: Clock & Rose Press
Keywords: elizabeth, volumes, queen, policy, walsingham, secretary
Pages: 1432
Published: 2003-08
Language: English
Category: England, Europe, History,
ISBN-10: 1593860005     ISBN-13: 9781593860004
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: 199.00 USD
Sir Francis Walsingham was Queen Elizabeth I's master spy and political manipulator. This is a fascinating chronicle of his activities by the noted historian, Conyers Read. Volume I: Early life, the French Embassy, the Treaty of Blois, The Massacre at St. Bartholomew's, French Affairs, Dutch Affairs (1573-78), Embassy to the Low Countries. 443 pp. Volume II: The Second Alencon Courtship, Scottish Affairs 1570-85, Catholics and Puritans, Plots and Counter Plots. 433 pp. Volume III: The Babington Plot, The Beginning of War 1584-6, Scotland and France, 1585-8, The Coming of the Armada, The Year after the Armada, English Maritime Enterprise, Private Affairs, Bibliographical Note, Acknowledgements, Index to the three volumes.

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