NPR Driveway Moments For Dads: Radio Stories That Won't Let You Go (Original Radio Broadcast; 1.75 Hours On 2 CDs)

Author: , Scott Simon,
Publisher: HighBridge Company
Keywords: original, stories, radio, driveway, moments, dads,
Published: 2007-04-27
Language: English
Category: Humor, Entertainment,
ISBN-10: 1598871005     ISBN-13: 9781598871005
Binding: Audio CD (1.75 hours on 2 CDs)
List Price: 22.95 USD
Humorous, touching stories from the National Public Radio archives that capture the essence of fatherhood.

First, what's a "driveway moment"? It's when you're so captivated by a feature story you're hearing on NPR that you stay in your car to hear it to the end—even if you're sitting in your driveway with the motor running, groceries to unpack, and kids to feed. For years, listeners have written to NPR to describe such moments.

The stories in this collection kept dads glued to their bucket seats. Now dad can listen again, at his own pace, to tales for and about fathers. Drawn from All Things Considered, Morning Edition, and other award-winning NPR programs, they include a humorous account of a father's habitual snoring, a dad's reflection on leading his son's boy scout troop, an insightful look at the challenges of being a teenage father, and a touching reminiscence about lessons that NPR host Scott Simon learned from his comedian father. Hosted by Simon, these stories are comforting, bittersweet, and everything in between.

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