The USA TODAY College Football Encyclopedia 2009-2010

Author: Bob Boyles, Paul Guido,
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Keywords: encyclopedia, football, college,
Pages: 1392
Published: 2009-08-01
Language: English
Category: Sports, Encyclopedias, Reference,
ISBN-10: 1602396779     ISBN-13: 9781602396777
Binding: Paperback (Original)
List Price: 24.95 USD
The result of fifteen years of exhaustive research, The USA TODAY College Football Encyclopedia is without question the most comprehensive resource on college football ever set to type. Authors Bob Boyles and Paul Guido love college football with a passion, and undertook to pore through more than 4,000 media guides, watch thousands of hours of game films and read through just about every book ever published on the game to bring this massive reference to fruition.

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