Plant Physiology And Development (Looseleaf), Sixth Edition

Author: Lincoln Taiz, Eduardo Zeiger, Ian Max Moller, Angus M
Publisher: Sinauer Associates, Inc.
Keywords: sixth, looseleaf, development, physiology, plant
Pages: 761
Published: 2014-10-15
Language: English
Category: Anatomy, Biological Sciences, Science & Math,
ISBN-10: 1605353531     ISBN-13: 9781605353531
Binding: Loose Leaf (6)
List Price: 100.72 USD
The sixth edition sets the standard for textbooks in the field, making plant physiology accessible to virtually every student. Taiz and Zeiger collaborate with a stellar group of contributing plant biologists to produce a current and authoritative volume that incorporates all the latest findings and new chapters.

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