See You Later Alligator, After While Crocodile

Authors: Darla Austell
Publisher: Xulon Press
Keywords: crocodile, alligator, later
Pages: 80
Published: 2008-09-05
Language: English
Category: Grief & Bereavement, Death & Grief, Health, Mind & Body,
ISBN-10: 1606475452     ISBN-13: 9781606475454
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 10.99 USD
See You Later Alligator, After While Crocodile explores the feelings and frustrations of those who have lost a loved one. With empathy and a touch of whimsy, the author walks through the stages of grief. As one alligator who has lost multiple crocodiles in her life, Darla provides encouragement to take the steps necessary to work through grief and get to a new normal in life. Encouraging Scriptures help the reader to embrace life and realize that God is still in control. Journal questions and pages also help the reader to record important thoughts and experience renewed life. Beautifully illustrated and concise, See You Later Alligator, After While Crocodile is written to encourage you that there is life after grief. Darla Austell: wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, entrepreneur, deeply compassionate and loving; the person who has written this book for you. Darla understands loss and grieving through experience. Having lost both parents at an early age, Darla has walked through the grief process. Darla understands that death is not the only loss that causes grief. Loss of relationships, physical disabilities, and other aspects of life can cause grief as well. Whatever the cause, there are time-tested methods to working through grief. Darla has created a delightful little book that documents these methods in an easy-reading format. Darla's goal is to touch the hearts of the grieving and offer hope to hurting hearts. Illustrator Ian Montelongo, a graduate of Orange County School of the Arts and Orange Coast College, is currently studying illustration at Cal State Long Beach. Ian, a born artist, prefers the color gray. He is passionate about art.

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