Commonwealth Caribbean Land Law (Commonwealth Caribbean Law)

Authors: Sampson Owusu
Publisher: Routledge-Cavendish
Keywords: caribbean, commonwealth, land
Pages: 824
Published: 2006-12-26
Language: English
Category: Land Use, Administrative Law,
ISBN-10: 1845680138     ISBN-13: 9781845680138
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 90.95 USD

The first textbook to address land law as it relates to the Commonwealth Caribbean, it encompasses all areas covered in an undergraduate course on the law of real property in the Caribbean.

Primary and secondary source material on the law of property in the whole of the Commonwealth Caribbean is made easily and readily accessible to law students and legal practitioners. Statutory provisions from all States are discussed in relation to each topic and the similarities and differences are highlighted. Extensive discussion and analysis of the decisions of the courts in the region are also included alongside an in-depth analysis and critical discussion of English case law that is relevant to the Caribbean. The examination of whether or not English case law should be followed in the region is relevant and interesting to anyone studying or practising law in other Commonwealth jurisdictions.

Essential reading for undergraduate law students in the Caribbean, this text will also prove useful to those studying for the certificate of proficiency in the practice of law in the Commonwealth Caribbean, while the footnote references to statutory provisions are an invaluable aid to any researcher of Caribbean land law.


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