Primary Care In Urban Disadvantaged Communities:

Author: Joe Kai, Chris Drinkwater,
Publisher: Radcliffe Medical Press
Keywords: communities, disadvantaged, urban, care, primary
Pages: 199
Published: 2004-01
Language: English
Category: Public Health, Administration & Medicine Economics, Medical, Professional & Technical,
ISBN-10: 1857754379     ISBN-13: 9781857754377
Binding: Paperback (1)
List Price: 49.95 USD
This book examines how primary care is responding to the challenge of urban disadvantage. In a clear and straightforward format using case studies and practical examples, it looks at community-oriented approaches to health and examines how these approaches can make a difference for those with heart disease, mental ill health, drug misuse, younger and older people and diverse ethnic communities. Practical tips for daily work are highlighted throughout. "Primary Care in Urban Disadvantage Communities" is written by a variety of contributors, working in primary care and community settings and provides perspectives on key issues related to the challenge of urban disadvantage. All those working in primary care in disadvantaged areas, including NHS managers, academics, public health professionals and policy makers and shapers should find this book to be of interest. Contributors include Martin Bennett; Gillie Bolton; Philip Crowley; Ewan Dick; Nick Down; Jenny Firth-Cozens; Billy Foreman; Debbie Freake; Amanda Howe; Jenny Keen; Shagufta Khan; Siobhan McFeely; Steve Nash; Juni Parkhurst; Stephen Peckham; Claire Pinder; Bethan Plant; Ann Potter; Mary Robson; Jan Smithies; Bhavna Solanki; Dave Thomson; Sandra Wathall.

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