Gasoline-Engine Management (Bosch Handbooks (REP))

Authors: Robert Bosch GmbH
Publisher: Professional Engineering Publishing Ltd
Keywords: handbooks, bosch, management, engine, gasoline
Pages: 418
Published: 2004-01
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1860584349     ISBN-13: 9781860584343
Binding: Hardcover (2)
List Price: 75.00 USD
The BOSCH handbook series on different automotive technologies has become one of the most definitive sets of reference books that automotive engineers have at their disposal.

Different topics are covered in a concise but descriptive way backed up by diagrams, graphs and tables enabling the reader to comprehend the subject matter fully. This book discusses the basics relating to the method of operation of gasoline-engine control systems. The descriptions of cylinder-charge control systems, fuel-injection systems (intake manifold and gasoline direct injection), and ignition systems provide a comprehensive, firsthand overview of the control mechanisms indispensable for operating a modern gasoline engine. The practical implementation of engine management and control is described by the examples of various Motronic variants, and the control and regulation functions integrated in this particular management systems. The book concludes with a chapter describing how a Motronic system is developed.

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