Photo Files: An Australian Photography Reader

Authors: Blair French
Publisher: Power Publications
Keywords: reader, photography, australian, files, photo
Pages: 315
Published: 1999-06-01
Language: English
Category: Criticism & Essays, Photography, Arts & Photography,
ISBN-10: 1864870532     ISBN-13: 9781864870534
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 30.00 USD

Drawn from the photography journal Photofile, this volume collects work by prominent critics, theorists, and cultural commentators about many of Australia's most significant photoartists. It illustrates how, located between the realms of fine art and visual culture, photography has underpinned many key developments in our understanding of both during the last decades of the twentieth century. The essays investigate a wide range of subjects including documentary photography, race and representation, and photography and national identity.

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