ESPN Let's Play Beach Volleyball

Authors: Sports Intellimedia
Publisher: Intellimedia Sports Inc
Keywords: volleyball, beach, play, espn
Published: 1995-05
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1882284690     ISBN-13: 9781882284696
Binding: Audio CD
List Price: 20.44 USD
Former Olympians, Karch Kiraly (1988 Olympic volleyball team captain) and Karolyn Kirby (all-time money winner in women's professional volleyball and number one ranked female player), demonstrate the basic fundamentals of volleyball, including passing, setting, serving, spiking, and blocking as well as game strategies. System Requirements: 486/25MHz or better processor; 5MB available HD space; 4MB RAM; 16-bit SVGA video card with at least 512K of memory; CD-ROM drive with minimum 150kb/sec transfer rate; sound card; mouse; MS-DOS 5.0 or later; Windows 3.1.

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