Walt Disney's Comics And Stories #680 (No. 680)

Author: Merrill De Maris, Pat And Shelly Block, Donald D. Ma
Publisher: Gemstone Publishing
Keywords: stories, comics, disney, walt
Pages: 64
Published: 2007-05-08
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1888472758     ISBN-13: 9781888472752
Binding: Paperback (No. 1 (Oct. 1940)-)
List Price: 7.50 USD
In "Blowhards," Uncle Scrooge is giving away an island to either Donald Duck or Gladstone Gander, depending on who can sail to the island first! Next, in Part 1 of Floyd Gottfredson's long-awaited "The Gleam," Mickey battles a devious swami with designs on Minnie's family fortune! "Bargain Basement" tells of the Ducks' visit to an entirely pork-themed supermarket. "The Honey Sucker" brings back fan favorite Brer Rabbit for outrageous down-south hijinks. And the "King of the Bungaloos Strikes Back" when ministers of Outest Bungolia make Mickey their ruler. Finally, in Carl Barks' "Pecking Order," ace wildlife photographer Donald meets his match in a ferocious rare bird.

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