Walt Disney's Comics And Stories #681 (No. 681)

Author: Merrill De Maris, Mark Shaw, Laura Shaw, Byron Ericks
Publisher: Gemstone Publishing
Keywords: stories, comics, disney, walt
Pages: 64
Published: 2007-06-12
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1888472766     ISBN-13: 9781888472769
Binding: Paperback (No. 1 (Oct. 1940)-)
List Price: 7.50 USD
When Donald Duck's nephews get lost in the Grand Canyon, Donald tries to rescue them - and ends up "Taming the Rapids" on the way to a lost village of cavemen! Then, in part two of Floyd Gottfredson's "The Gleam," Mickey struggles to outwit the jewel-robbing swami... but falls at the feet of his hypnotic power! In the feature-length "Quacked Quest," Donald sends up Tolkien by commanding the evil "Sourron" at a fantasy fair. And "Green Ice Cream and a Trampoline" shows us the perfect gifts for Goofy... in honor of his 75th anniversary in comics and cartoons!

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