Human Performance Technology Revisited

Authors: Roger Chevalier
Publisher: International Society For Performance Improvement
Keywords: revisited, technology, performance, human
Pages: 306
Published: 2004-04
Language: English
Category: Training, Management & Leadership, Business & Investing,
ISBN-10: 1890289183     ISBN-13: 9781890289188
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 39.95 USD
The collection begins with a discussion of what Human Performance Technology is. With articles from such noted authors and practitioners as Roger Addison, Mariano Bernárdez , Dale Brethower, Clare Carey, Richard Clark, Jeanne Farrington, Roger Kaufman, Harold Stolovitch and Klaus Wittkuhn, great insight into the field of performance technology is given.

The next section appeared as a special edition of Performance Improvement entitled, "Clarifying HPT" that focused on current views of HPT. Edited by Guy Wallace, this edition brought together some of the greatest minds in the performance improvement field including Carl Binder, Timm Esque, Judy Hale, Miki Lane, Stephanie Jackson, Carol Panza, and Don Tosti.

Beginning the systematic way in which performance technologists work with their clients, the next section focuses on performance and cause analysis with such authors as Peter Dean, Bill Lee, Doug Leigh, Jana Pershing, Rodger Stotz, and Ryan Watkins. This section is followed by a short section on design and development with Roger Kaufman, Doug Leigh, and John Wedman.

The next section focuses on implementation and change management with such authors as Roger Addison, Pierre Mourier, Margo Murray, Martin Smith, Don Tosti. The concluding section on evaluation and return on investment has articles from Carl Binder, Rob Brinkerhoff, Judy Hale, Jack Phillips, and Patti Phillips.

It should be noted that no articles were selected from the fields of instructional systems design or electronic performance support systems. This was done since these articles have been collected in the companion books in this series, Instructional Systems Design Revisited and EPPS Revisited.

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