High Blood Pressure Lowered Naturally

Author: Sherryl D. Wade, Linda M. Sciullo,
Publisher: F C & A Pub
Keywords: naturally, lowered, pressure, blood
Pages: 364
Published: 2000-09-01
Language: English
Category: Heart Disease, Disorders & Diseases, Health, Fitness & Dieting,
ISBN-10: 1890957410     ISBN-13: 9781890957414
Binding: Paperback (8th)
List Price: 9.99 USD
  • Rating: 40%
As amazing as it may sound, it's true. Using an all-natural approach, you can actually lower your blood pressure and cholesterol level without drugs or surgery. This all-natural approach can even help you if you're already taking medicine for high blood pressure or cholesterol. The key is working with your doctor (never stop taking any blood pressure or cholesterol medicine without your doctor's approval) and using the guideline outlined in High Blood Pressure Lowered Naturally. Based on studies from respected medical journals, the guidelines are simple and easy-to-follow. This book also includes recipes, information on heart-healthy herbs, vitamins, and minerals. Clear illustrations show exactly what's going on in your heart.

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