1,001 Prescription Drugs : Side Effects, Dangerous Combinations And Natural Healing Alternatives For Seniors

Authors: FC&A
Publisher: FC&A Publishing
Keywords: natural, heal, combinations, dangerous, drugs, effects, prescription
Pages: 387
Published: 2000-08-01
Language: English
Category: Reference, Medicine, Medical
ISBN-10: 1890957429     ISBN-13: 9781890957421
Binding: Hardcover (3rd)
List Price: 27.96 USD
In the insiders guide to prescription drugs, you'll get complete coverage of the most commonly prescribed medicines. Clear explanations describe what each drug is supposed to do for you, side effects you may experience, special warnings, information for pregnant and nursing mothers, and helpful hints on how to take your medicine for maximum effectiveness.

Plus, you'll find out how to save money on prescriptions, protect yourself against drug tampering and pharmacist errors, and how to store your medicines properly.

Finally, many of the conditions doctors normally prescribe drugs for are actually treatable with natural alternatives. Find out what these are and if they'll work for you. Includes over 1,001 natural, drug-free solutions for common problems and an alphabetical drug index to help you easily locate whatever medicines you take.

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