Buying Property In Poland

Author: Tim Hill, Debbie Jenkins,
Publisher: Lean Marketing Press
Keywords: poland, property, buying
Pages: 244
Published: 2008-02-26
Language: English
Category: Investments, Real Estate, Business & Investing,
ISBN-10: 1905430329     ISBN-13: 9781905430321
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 29.97 USD
Buying Property in Poland is the complete guide for investors in search of capital gain, private buyers relocating for a lifestyle change, work or retirement and business entrepreneurs keen to be part of this rapidly developing nation. Written by those who live in the country and work constantly with foreign buyers Tim Hill brings together the collective experience of his own staff, consultants, real estate agents and those who have already bought and benefited. This complete guide shares... * insider information on Poland, its people and its history * key facts and figures on the Polish property market and economy * detailed overviews of all 16 regions * in-depth maps showing planned and existing roads, airports and economic development zones * offplan, resale, newbuild and land purchases explained * recommendations on what to buy and where to buy it * the buying process fully explained * step-by-step useful sources of further information * . and much, much more Buying Property in Poland is the definitive publication for all types of buyers who don't want to pay over the odds, be taken for a ride or waste time on purchases that go nowhere. Poland is already being discovered by millions. Within twenty years it will have an economy and property market similar to Western Europe but here and now there is a window of opportunity for those who can see it but just need a little help to grasp it.

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