Divided By Words

Authors: Mario Molinari
Publisher: Arena Books Ltd
Keywords: words, divided
Pages: 244
Published: 2009-06-08
Language: English
Category: Education, Nonfiction,
ISBN-10: 1906791279     ISBN-13: 9781906791278
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 32.99 USD
As the title suggests, Divided by Words clearly points in the direction of a divided society. The way we communicate, or fail to, features strongly in this work. Which of the following is more tractable or intractable than the other? Family matters, industrial disputes, global insecurities, climate fears, ethnic tensions, poverty, GM? What is there in education that creates forever divided loyalties? Or in the economy? Agreeing to disagree seems to be our most enduring achievement. New Literacy, on the other hand, stands for a fresh learning. Literacy (NL) is an appreciation of the world around us. Illiteracy is failing to appreciate it. Three types of illiteracy are explored: the 3Rs, functional and that of food, soil and water, climate and energy. The latter are key to NL. I regard them as foundation subjects (henceforth food and energy or F&E), subjects however that are not part of our education. Given their importance can we have Knowledge without F&E knowledge? Literacy without F&E literacy? NL is to education what F&E is to the economy. F&E is a perfect fit for economies 'built to last' (David Cameron). Feeding us is the ground we stand on, a ground called earth, soil, rocks, nature. And the ground more than feeds us. It's the source of energy, minerals, materials, medicinal products and much else. F&E make great local, regional and national economies. F&E as the fons et origo of all human knowledge, of our culture and traditions, of trade, ecology and science. Phase in NL to secure a place for a better today in people's hearts and minds. Everywhere. Divided by Words is intended as course material to be used as in a classroom setting.

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