Navigating The Adult Spine: Bridging Clinical Practice And Neuroradiology

Authors: Avital Fast
Keywords: practice, neuroradiology, clinical, bridging, adult, spine, navigating
Published: 2006-12-18
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1934559741     ISBN-13: 9781934559741
Binding: Unknown Bi
List Price: Unknown
This heavily illustrated introductory text covers the most important clinical, radiological, and management points in caring for the patient with spine problems. Both residents and practitioners will find the book simple but detailed enough to understand the nature of the patient's complaints, diagnose and manage common problems, and, most importantly, identify those patients at risk who require an early referral to a spine specialist.

Key Features Include:

  • Clear, clinical descriptions of the most common spinal disorders
  • Guidance in correlating key neuroradiologic findings with the full clinical picture for accurate diagnosis
  • Hundreds of clinical pearls, tables, and radiologic images that sharpen clinical acumen
  • An emphasis on early diagnosis and timely referral for a favorable prognosis

    Navigating the Adult Spine is a unique professional tool for residents in physiatry, neurology, and orthopedic surgery, as well as for professionals in those fields who need a quick and reliable refresher on common spinal conditions. For all readers, it will enhance clinical skills and ensure optimal care of spine patients.

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