Disneyland Secrets: A Grand Tour Of Disneyland's Hidden Details

Author: Gavin Doyle, Bob McLain,
Publisher: Theme Park Press
Keywords: disneyland, details, hidden, grand, secrets, tour
Pages: 194
Published: 2015-06-30
Language: English
Category: Tourist Destinations & Museums, Specialty Travel, Travel,
ISBN-10: 1941500420     ISBN-13: 9781941500422
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 14.95 USD

Stuff Even Mickey Doesn't Know

When a theme park has been around for 60 years, it hides a lot of secrets. Disneyland expert Gavin Doyle has swept aside the pixie dust and uncovered little-known stories about the happiest place on earth that will make you a master of the magic.

Doyle develops each of his dozens of secrets into a brief story that illuminates a forgotten moment in Disney history, or sheds light on a neglected area of the park, or reveals something new about an iconic attraction, such as:

  • Why is the address of Disneyland 1313 Harbor Boulevard?
  • What's up with the Jewish menorah on Main Street?
  • Why is there a fake book called "Walt & You" at City Hall?
  • Where can you find Sherlock Holmes at Disneyland?
  • Is there really a pet cemetery at the Haunted Mansion?

Shhh! It's a Disneyland secret. Until you read this book...

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