The Halakhah: Between Israel And God : Transcendent Transactions: Where Heaven And Earth Intersect (Brill Reference Library Of Judaism)

Authors: Jacob Neusner
Publisher: Brill Academic Pub
Keywords: transactions, heaven, transcendent, israel, halakhah
Pages: 482
Published: 2000-09
Language: International
ISBN-10: 9004116125     ISBN-13: 9789004116122
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: 186.00 USD
In the normative law, the Halakhah embodies the theology of Judaism in the norms of concrete conduct. This encyclopaedia covers, rubric by rubric, all of the native category-formations that organize the diverse laws into a systematic and coherent structure. Each category formation is set forth with attention to its definitions and foundations, if any, in Scripture. The Halakhah of the Mishnah-Tosefta-Yerushalmi-Bavli is then summarized in detail, through verbatim abstracts. The detailed entries then take up, thirdly, the problematics of the law, the questions that the framers bring to bear upon the topic and the data they have in hand. Finally, in each category-formation, there is a religious commentary to the Halakhah of the Oral Torah. This second volume, like the first, addresses the category-formations that pertain to Israel in relationship to God. The third volume of the encyclopaedia explains how holy Israel will restore and then maintain that society that comes into being when the Torah is realized by the kingdom of priests and the holy people. In Volumes Four and Five of this study, we take up the life of the Israelite household in the encounter with God. The account therefore moves from regulating relationships between Israel and God to establishing stable and equitable relationships among Israelites and finally to nurturing in the household itself a realm of sanctification: Israel at home in space and time with God.

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