Lord Jim: Centennial Essays. (Conradian 25) (Conradian S.)

Authors: Allan H. Simmons
Publisher: Rodopi
Keywords: conradian, essays, centennial, lord
Pages: 152
Published: 2000-01
Language: International
Category: Essays, Literature & Fiction,
ISBN-10: 9042012242     ISBN-13: 9789042012240
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 23.00 USD
"Lord Jim: Centennial Essays" features eight essays by major Conrad scholars to celebrate the centenary of the publication of what is possibly Joseph Conrad's best known novel. This carefully edited volume covers a wide range of topics, and includes new work on the novel's reception and sources, narrative strategies, and thematic interests. Various contemporary critical approaches - Bakhtinian, postcolonial, and historicist - are aired and reconsidered, and a generous selection of documents relating to the Jeddah affair of 1880 sheds light on Conrad's use of real-life materials. The kaleidoscopic perspectives brought to bear on this landmark of literary Modernism will stimulate and challenge both scholars and students alike.

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