ISBN: 0199456771, 9780199456772
Authors: Kaleem Mohammad Khan,
Publisher: OUP India
Keywords: machinery, mechanics, fluid
Pages: 648
Published: 2015-07-23
List Price: Unknown

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery is a textbook designed for students of civil and mechanical engineering. It provides a clear understanding of the behaviour of fluids at both rest and motion, and further conversion into useful work. Using an experimental and demonstrative approach to explain concepts, the initial chapters of the book discuss the fundamental physics of fluids such as statics, kinematics, conservation equations, and boundary layer. The book, in subsequent chapters, presents the ......
ISBN: 0573700281, 9780573700286
Authors: Marc Camoletti, Beverly Cross, Francis Evans,
Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.
Keywords: boeing
Pages: 104
Published: 2013-02-06
Category: British & Irish, Dramas & Plays, Literature & Fiction,
List Price: 10.95 USD

Winner! 2008 Tony Award, Best Revival of a Play Revised 2008 Broadway Revival Edition. This 1960's French farce adapted for the English-speaking stage features self-styled Parisian lothario Bernard, who has Italian, German, and American fiancees, each beautiful airline hostesses with frequent "layovers". He keeps "one up, one down and one pending" until unexpected schedule changes bring all three to Paris and Bernard's apartment at the same time.
ISBN: 030787494X, 9780307874948
Authors: Thomas Bokenkotter,
Publisher: Image
Keywords: catholicism, dynamic
Pages: 438
Published: 2010-06-18
List Price: Unknown

Formerly Essential Catholicism, this book has been retitled to reflect how, through the centuries, the Roman Catholic Church has evolved in many aspects of its teaching. The new title also reflects how theologians today grapple with ever new ways of understanding many facets of Catholic belief and practice. Who is Jesus? Or Mary? Who are the saints? How are theologians trying to understand such topics as marriage, divorce, homosexuality? What of social justice? The relationship of conscience to ......
ISBN: 0262260611, 9780262260619
Authors: Paul Dourish,
Publisher: The MIT Press
Keywords: interaction, embodied, foundations, action
Pages: 245
Published: 2004-08-20
Category: Human-computer Interaction, Computer Science, Computers & Technology,
List Price: Unknown

Computer science as an engineering discipline has been spectacularly successful. Yet it is also a philosophical enterprise in the way it represents the world and creates and manipulates models of reality, people, and action. In this book, Paul Dourish addresses the philosophical bases of human-computer interaction. He looks at how what he calls "embodied interaction" -- an approach to interacting with software systems that emphasizes skilled, engaged practice rather than disembodied rationality ......
ISBN: 0826468063, 9780826468062
Authors: Iain MacKenzie,
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Keywords: directions, philosophy, new, transversals, critique, idea
Pages: 160
Published: 2004-04-01
Category: Criticism, Philosophy, Politics & Social Sciences,
List Price: 155.00 USD

What is required of the idea of critique if it is to overcome indifference? This question addresses core themes in modern, post-Kantian and European philosophy, challenging theory's resignation in the face of contemporary political and economic formations. If indifference is to be overcome, critique must be demarcated in its purity, as an idea of critique in and of itself. For the idea of critique to become pure we must view critique as the construction of difference―only pure critique, as ......
ISBN: 0060548541, 9780060548544
Authors: Patrick Robinson, David McCallum,
Publisher: HarperAudio
Keywords: barracuda
Pages: Unknown
Published: 2003-07
Category: Genre Fiction, Literature & Fiction,
List Price: 25.95 USD

Barracuda 945 is the ultimate weapon. A jet black Russian nuclear hunter-killer, it runs deep, and its silence and speed are fearsome. It can stay submerged indefinitely and can fire land-attack guided missiles from below the surface. Invisible to any pursuer, it is nearly impossible to track in the millions of square miles of ocean water.In the hands of a Navy, it brings instant credibility and respect.In the hands of a diabolical terrorist, it could launch unspeakable horror.Admiral Arnold ......
ISBN: 0413771172, 9780413771179
Authors: Arthur Miller, Stephen Centola,
Publisher: Methuen Publishing Ltd
Keywords: essays, collected, corridor, echoes
Pages: 343
Published: 2001-10-11
Category: Essays, Essays & Correspondence, Literature & Fiction,
List Price: Unknown

This volume gathers together 50 essays by one of the most influential literary, cultural and intellectual voices of our time. Arranged chronologically, these writings take the reader on a whirlwind tour of modern history: the Nazi war crimes trials, Vietnam, Watergate, the Balkan conflict and even President Clinton's infamous liaison with Monica Lewinsky. From his personal experience, Miller writes passionate discourses on censorship and the death penalty as well as Swiftian satire on the ......
ISBN: 0190284331, 9780190284336
Authors: Reuven Firestone,
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Keywords: islam, war, holy, origin, jihad
Pages: 208
Published: 1999-11-18
List Price: Unknown

While there exists no evidence to date that the indigenous inhabitants of Arabia knew of holy war prior to Islam, holy war ideas and behaviors appear already among Muslims during the first generation. This book focuses on why and how such a seemingly radical development took place. Basing his hypothesis on evidence from the Quran and early Islamic literary sources, Firestone locates the origin of Islamic holy war and traces its evolution as a response to the changes affecting the new community ......
ISBN: 0945847041, 9780945847045
Authors: Florence Baccus,
Publisher: Dr Florence Baccus
Keywords: learning, birth, five, free, stress, smart, parents, guide, fun
Pages: 280
Published: 1991-06
List Price: 17.95 USD

If your child is six days old or six years old here are the early learning techniques you need to know to ensure your child's emotional, social, and intellectual development in a loving, stress-free environment. These techniques are the ones that were used in bringing up Stephen Baccus, called the worlds smartest boy by Encyclopaedia Britannica Newsletter.