ISBN: 0763640565, 9780763640569
Authors: Ben Boos, Ben Boos,
Publisher: Candlewick
Keywords: realm, artist, fantasy
Pages: 96
Published: 2010-10-26
List Price: 19.99 USD
  • Rating: 80%

Immerse yourself in the sovereignty of New Perigord, brought to majestic life through the artistry of Ben Boos, celebrated creator of Swords.Imaginative people have always longed to experience a world more magical, more adventurous, more enchanted than our own. In this lavish volume, Ben Boos welcomes us to a land of his own creation, a land replete with beings of fantasy and folklore, including elves, dwarves, minotaurs, hobgoblins, and undead horrors. From the windy forests where elves and ......
ISBN: 0771076274, 9780771076275
Authors: David Adams Richards,
Publisher: Emblem Editions
Keywords: street, station, nights
Pages: 232
Published: 2009-09-01
Category: Literary, Literature & Fiction,
List Price: 15.95 USD
  • Rating: 80%

David Adams Richards’ Governor General’s Award-winning novel is a powerful tale of resignation and struggle, fierce loyalties and compassion. This book is the first in Richards’ acclaimed Miramichi trilogy. Set in a small mill town in northern New Brunswick, it draws us into the lives of a community of people who live there, including: Joe Walsh, isolated and strong in the face of a drinking problem; his wife, Rita, willing to believe the best about people; and their teenage daughter ......
ISBN: 0768912415, 9780768912418
Authors: Peterson's,
Publisher: Peterson's
Keywords: student, ged, pre, essentials, reading
Pages: 246
Published: 2003-10-19
List Price: 16.95 USD

Reading Essentials for the Pre-GED Student is part of a five-book series (Math, Spelling, Grammar, and Writing are the others) aimed at students who intend to take the GED but require more basic preparation than that offered by our GED prep books. Of the 860,000 adults who participated in the GED program in 2000, approximately 600,000 were considered pre-GED—that is, they read at a 5th-8th-grade level. These adults often repeat their pre-GED courses three times. Our book will cover much ......
ISBN: 0771056036, 9780771056031
Authors: Roy Macgregor,
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
Keywords: canada, soul, natural, search, escape
Pages: 288
Published: 2003-09-09
Category: Nature Writing, Outdoors & Nature,
List Price: 16.95 USD

We think of the cottage or cabin as a place where we can be our truest, most authentic selves. For those lucky enough to own one, just knowing it awaits can sustain the soul through the workday grind.In Escape, Roy MacGregor explores the powerful hold the wilderness, and the thought of our place in it, has on our imaginations. He weaves together chapters of personal history, telling of his family’s deep connection to the lakes and forests of central Ontario, and chapters that detail the ......
ISBN: 0769286984, 9780769286983
Authors: Weber, Fred,
Publisher: Alfred Publishing
Keywords: first, band, division, course, method
Pages: 32
Published: 1999-08-01
Category: Instruments & Performers, Music, Entertainment,
List Price: 6.95 USD

This is an updated edition with a new four-color cover and updated text in various places in the book that mention correlated material. The music and songs are the same. The time-honored First Division Band Method retains the same pedagogically-sound sequence of learning that has taught over 12,000,000 students the fundamentals of learning to play a band instrument.
ISBN: 0231108656, 9780231108652
Authors: Joel Cracraft, Francesca T. Grifo, E. O. Wilson,
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Keywords: crisis, planet, living
Pages: 394
Published: 1999-06-15
Category: Popular Economics, Business & Investing,
List Price: 45.00 USD

With a foreword by Edward O. Wilson, this book brings together internationally known experts from the scientific, societal, and conservation policy areas who address policy responses to the problem of biodiversity loss: how to determine conservation priorities in a scientific fashion, how to weigh the long-term, often hidden value of conservation against the more immediate value of land development, the need for education in areas of rapid population growth, and how lack of knowledge about ......
ISBN: 0773514376, 9780773514379
Authors: Janet L. Hiebert,
Publisher: Mcgill Queens Univ Pr
Keywords: review, judicial, dilemma, rights, limiting
Pages: 208
Published: 1996-07
Category: Judicial System, Perspectives On Law,
List Price: 32.95 USD

Through an extended analysis of Supreme Court decisions involving limits on protected rights, Hiebert explores the issues surrounding judicial review. She explores how difficult it is for judges to determine the reasonableness of legislative initiatives and examines the considerable influence exerted by Canadian politicians in decisions about which legislative activities will be considered justifiable limits on protected rights. Politicians have, in other words, helped define the very ......
ISBN: 0773511946, 9780773511941
Authors: William Leiss, Christina Chociolko,
Publisher: Mcgill Queens Univ Pr
Keywords: responsibility, risk
Pages: 424
Published: 1994-07
Category: Popular Economics, Business & Investing,
List Price: 29.95 USD

Controversies over how to manage health and environmental risks are among the most bitter disagreements in contemporary society. Trying to determine what is in the public interest is at the heart of these disagreements, but the core concerns of major sectors - industry, governments, and voluntary associations - are also at stake. In Canada and elsewhere, defusing the controversies and finding solutions acceptable to all parties have met with little success. "Risk and Responsibility" attempts to ......
ISBN: 0769244394, 9780769244396
Authors: Johann Sebastian Bach,
Publisher: Alfred Publishing
Keywords: german, soli, english, language, kalmus, satb, kommen, werden, sie, aus, saba, alle, cantata
Pages: 32
Published: 1985-03-01
Category: Songbooks, Music, Entertainment,
List Price: 6.95 USD

Cantata No. 65 -- Sie werden aus Saba alle kommen Book Brand: Alfred Publishing Model Number: 00-K06039