ISBN: 0415546966, 9780415546966
Authors: Carola Hein, Philippe Pelletier,
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: japan, routledge, contemporary, decentralization, autonomy, cities
Pages: 200
Published: 2006-06-08
Category: Japan, Asia, History,
List Price: 39.95 USD

Adding a new perspective to the current literature on decentralization in Japan, Cities, Autonomy and Decentralization in Japan, approaches the subject from an urban studies and planning approach. The essays in the collection present a cogent compilation of case studies focusing on the past, present and future of decentralization in Japan. These include small scale development in the fields such as citizen participation (machizukuri), urban form and architecture, disaster prevention and ......
ISBN: 0485115395, 9780485115390
Authors: John Gilmore, James Grainger, John Gilmore, John Gilm
Publisher: Athlone Press
Keywords: sugar, cane, grainger, james, empire, study, poetics
Pages: 288
Published: 2000-04
Category: Essays, Literature & Fiction,
List Price: 79.95 USD
  • Rating: 80%

First published in 1764, this volume is a major work in the history of Anglophone Caribbean literature. It is the only poem written in the Caribbean before the 20th century to achieve a place in the western canon. Grainger sought to interpret his personal experience of the Caribbean through his wide and deep reading in literature, from the Greeks and Milton. This achievement is a "West Indian Georgic", challenging assumptions about poetic diction and the proper subject-matter of poetry, and ......
ISBN: 0395868025, 9780395868027
Authors: Marjorie Ford, Jon Ford,
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing
Keywords: books, professional, norton, world, natural
Pages: 128
Published: 1998-12-04
Category: Words & Language, Education & Reference,
List Price: 35.95 USD

The Streamlines series of brief, inexpensive single-theme readers is designed to help students write increasingly thoughtful, analytic essays as their understanding of a subject grows. The Natural World offers extended exploration of environmental issues and includes an introduction to the topic, headnotes, questions, and writing assignments. The reader begins with an introduction to the variety of issues surrounding "nature," to the collected essayists' approaches to these issues, and to ......
ISBN: 0471346705, 9780471346708
Authors: American Dietetic Association (ADA),
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: need, carbohydrates
Pages: 96
Published: 1998-07-10
Category: Diets, Diets & Weight Loss, Health, Fitness & Dieting,
List Price: 8.95 USD
  • Rating: 80%

The Truth About Carbohydrates Are carbohydrates fattening? Does sugar make kids hyperactive? Are fiber supplements just as good as the real thing? The questions and myths surrounding carbohydrates abound. But with this book, The American Dietetic Association sets the record straight. You will discover:* How carbohydrates affect your weight, mood, and physical performance* How fiber helps to reduce the risk for heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems* Why high-protein diets are based ......
ISBN: 0446361194, 9780446361194
Authors: Jody Lynn Nye,
Publisher: Questar
Keywords: abroad, mythology
Pages: 272
Published: 1993-01
List Price: 4.50 USD
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 0440206065, 9780440206064
Authors: Daniel Ransom,
Publisher: Dell
Keywords: midnight
Pages: Unknown
Published: 1992-12-05
List Price: 4.99 USD
  • Rating: 60%

Reporter Meredith Sawyer tries to forget the horrors she witnessed while growing up at Dr. Richard Candlemass's academy, an institution for telekinetically gifted pupils, even as she is assigned to cover a murder case there.
ISBN: 0445403365, 9780445403369
Authors: David Stout,
Publisher: Mysterious Press
Keywords: skeletons, carolina
Pages: Unknown
Published: 1989-06-01
List Price: 5.99 USD
  • Rating: 80%

In 1944, Linus Bragg, a 14-year-old black student, is accused of killing two white girls and condemned to the electric chair. Forty-four years later, Bragg's nephew travels to South Carolina to discover the truth--and finds himself on the Wanted List and fighting for his own freedom! HC: Mysterious Press.
ISBN: 0435980335, 9780435980337
Authors: Michael Anthony,
Publisher: Heinemann (Txt)
Keywords: writers, caribbean, coming, games
Pages: 128
Published: 1977-06
List Price: 7.95 USD
  • Rating: 80%

Leon is in training for the great bicycle race in the Southern Games in Trinidad. He is so obsessed by the race that he has dismissed everybody in his life, even his girlfriend Sylvia. But she makes sure it doesn't stop there.