ISBN: 0813542227, 9780813542225
Authors: Caroline Levander, Prof. Robert Levine,
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Keywords: studies, american, hemispheric
Pages: 366
Published: 2007-10-04
List Price: 70.00 USD

This landmark collection brings together a range of exciting new comparative work in the burgeoning field of hemispheric studies. Scholars working in the fields of Latin American studies, Asian American studies, American studies, American literature, African Diaspora studies, and comparative literature address the urgent question of how scholars might reframe disciplinary boundaries within the broad area of what is generally called American studies. The essays take as their starting points such ......
ISBN: 0813541859, 9780813541853
Authors: Prof. Michael Lynch,
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Keywords: crime, critical, issues, system, society, america, dreams, failure, prisons, penal
Pages: 274
Published: 2007-08-31
Category: Criminology, Crime & Criminals , Politics & Social Sciences,
List Price: 68.00 USD

The American prison system has grown tenfold since the 1970s, but crime rates in the United States have not decreased. This doesn't surprise Michael J. Lynch, a critical criminologist, who argues that our oversized prison system is a product of our consumer culture, the public's inaccurate beliefs about controlling crime, and the government's criminalizing of the poor.While deterrence and incapacitation theories suggest that imprisoning more criminals and punishing them leads to a ......
ISBN: 0813540887, 9780813540887
Authors: Kevin S. Sandler,
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Keywords: rated, movies, doesn, hollywood, truth, naked
Pages: 272
Published: 2007-08-22
Category: Sports & Entertainment, Industries & Professions, Business & Investing,
List Price: 68.00 USD

From parents and teachers to politicians and policymakers, there is a din of voices participating in the debate over how young people are affected by violence, strong language, and explicit sexual activity in films. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) responded to this concern in 1968 when it introduced a classification and rating system based on the now well-known labels: "G," "PG," PG-13," "R," and "X." For some, these simple tags are an efficient way to protect ......
ISBN: 0813540909, 9780813540900
Authors: Karen Seccombe, Prof. Kim Hoffman,
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Keywords: health, critical, reform, issues, medicine, welfare, aftermath, sick, access, care, don
Pages: 224
Published: 2007-08-20
Category: Health Risk Assessment, Administration & Medicine Economics, Medical
List Price: 68.00 USD

The ability to obtain health care is fundamental to the security, stability, and well-being of poor families. Government-sponsored programs provide temporary support, but as families leave welfare for work, they find themselves without access to coverage or care. The low-wage jobs that individuals in transition are typically able to secure provide few benefits yet often disqualify employees from receiving federal aid.Drawing upon statistical data and in-depth interviews with over five ......
ISBN: 0813540798, 9780813540795
Authors: Robert Eberwein,
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Keywords: war, film, american, sexuality, forces, masculinity, armed
Pages: 196
Published: 2007-08-15
Category: Movies, Humor & Entertainment,
List Price: 68.00 USD

In war films, the portrayal of deep friendships between men is commonplace. Given the sexually anxious nature of the American imagination, such bonds are often interpreted as carrying a homoerotic subtext. In Armed Forces , Robert Eberwein argues that an expanded conception of masculinity and sexuality is necessary in order to understand more fully the intricacy of these intense and emotional human relationships. Drawing on a range of examples from silent films such as What Price Glory ......
ISBN: 0813539617, 9780813539614
Authors: Pauline Hopkins,
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Keywords: multi, ethnic, literature, americas, hopkins, pauline, revolution, major, nonfiction, works, daughter
Pages: 456
Published: 2007-01-31
Category: African-american & Black, Ethnic & National, Biographies & Memoirs,
List Price: 70.00 USD

Pauline E. Hopkins (1859–1930) came to prominence in the early years of the twentieth century as an outspoken writer, editor, and critic. Frequently recognized for her first novel, Contending Forces, she emerged as one of the most prolific African American women writers of fiction prior to 1930 and is currently one of the most widely read and studied African American novelists from that period. While nearly all of Hopkins’s fiction remains in print, there is very little of her nonfiction ......
ISBN: 0813537347, 9780813537344
Authors: Angelo Ancheta,
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Keywords: law, protection, equal, evidence, scientific
Pages: 232
Published: 2006-02-02
List Price: 62.00 USD

"Ancheta takes on a profoundly challenging topic of fundamental importance-the interaction of law and social science in the context of controversies over equality-and crafts an elegant presentation that can be appreciated on multiple levels. It is accessible to non-lawyers, but at the same time rich in sophisticated insights for scholars at the frontier. He builds a bridge between intellectual cultures, helping scientists understand how their work is understood and used (or not) by the law, and ......
ISBN: 0813534127, 9780813534121
Authors: Scott Frickel,
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Keywords: rise, genetic, toxicology, activism, scientist, consequences, environmental, mutagens, chemical
Pages: 246
Published: 2004-06-16
Category: Ecology, Biological Sciences, Science & Math,
List Price: 62.00 USD

Here is the first historical and sociological account of the formation of an interdisciplinary science known as genetic toxicology, and of the scientists’ social movement that created it.After research geneticists discovered that synthetic chemicals were capable of changing the genetic structure of living organisms, scientists began to explore how these chemicals affected gene structure and function. In the late 1960s, a small group of biologists became concerned that chemical mutagens ......
ISBN: 0813533449, 9780813533445
Authors: Bishnupriya Ghosh,
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Keywords: novel, south, asian, studies, indian, contemporary, across, literary, cosmopolitics, borne
Pages: 248
Published: 2004-01-06
Category: India, Asia, History,
List Price: 62.00 USD

India’s 1997 celebration of the Golden Jubilee marked fifty years of independence from British colonial rule. This anniversary is the impetus for Bishnupriya Ghosh’s exploration of the English language icons of South Asian postcolonial literature: Salman Rushdie, Vikram Chandra, Amitav Ghosh, Upamanyu Chatterjee, and Arundhati Roy. These authors, grouped together as South Asian cosmopolitical writers, produce work challenging and expanding preconceived notions of Indian cultural ......
ISBN: 0813534607, 9780813534602
Authors: Edward L. Cleary, Timothy J. Steigenga,
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Keywords: political, mobilization, religious, change, peoples, indigenous, voices, latin, america, resurgent
Pages: 280
Published: 2003-09-02
List Price: 65.00 USD

"Resurgent Voices in Latin America explores the critical role of religious beliefs and practices played by indigenous organizations in their struggle to redeem their rights and place in the nations of Latin America in which they are encompassed. This important contribution to indigenous studies should be required reading for students concerned with new directions in Latin America."—June Nash, author of Mayan Visions: The Quest for Autonomy in an Age of Globalization. "Resurgent Voices in ......