ISBN: 0744004470, 9780744004472
Authors: BradyGames,
Publisher: Brady Games
Keywords: bradygames, games, further, guide, strategy, nfl, 2k5, official, espn
Pages: 128
Published: 2004-07-23
Category: Video Games, Games & Strategy Guides, Computers & Technology,
List Price: 9.99 USD

BradyGames' ESPN NFL 2K5 Official Strategy Guide provides in-depth strategy for how to actually play the game[md]from both ends of the field, and from the front office. Don't settle for a simple rundown of commands. This compendium of gridiron insight shows you how to dominate your opponents and develop your franchise into a dynasty.Team Analysis: Coverage of all 32 NFL franchises in the kind of detail that wins rings. Not just the statistics, the guide shows you how to maximize each team's ......
ISBN: 0314259503, 9780314259509
Authors: Thomas Alexander Aleinikoff, David A. Martin, Hirosh
Publisher: West Group
Keywords: casebook, series, american, policy, citizenship, process, immigration
Pages: 196
Published: 2001-08
Category: Emigration & Immigration, Administrative Law,
List Price: 18.00 USD

Immigration and Citizenship: Process and Policy, 5th Edition integrates a number of important developments since the fourth edition was published in 1998. These developments include: · Many changes to the immigration statutes as part of the USA Patriot Act, especially concerning the treatment of terrorism; · anti-terrorism enforcement, including measures that raise tough issues of the use of ethnicity and nationality, the use of undisclosed evidence to remove non-citizens, and the ......
ISBN: 0307102122, 9780307102126
Authors: Ken Steacy,
Publisher: Golden Books
Keywords: wars, star, duo, droid, c3po
Pages: 24
Published: 1999-12-31
Category: Action & Adventure, Children's
List Price: 3.29 USD
ISBN: 0471939641, 9780471939641
Authors: M. Malek, J. Rasquinha, P. Vacani,
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Keywords: management, care, health, issues, strategic
Pages: 298
Published: 1993-05
List Price: 215.00 USD

Addresses diverse issues essential to the perennial problem of efficient management of health care resources. Although the topics discussed often relate to particular practices, methods or procedures, the policy implications are of universal relevance. Consumer behavior, managerial styles, applications and utilization of information technology are among the subjects covered. Includes an evaluation of the products and procedures described.
ISBN: 084780593X, 9780847805938
Authors: Cees Nooteboom,
Publisher: Rizzoli
Keywords: netherlands, unbuilt
Pages: 112
Published: 1985-01-15
List Price: 19.95 USD
ISBN: 0883184680, 9780883184684
Authors: Spencer R. Weart, Melba Phillips,
Publisher: American Institute Of Physics
Keywords: physics, readings, history
Pages: 375
Published: 1985-01
Category: History & Philosophy, Science & Math,
List Price: 54.95 USD

"Blurb & Contents" Readings from Physics Today With over 300 photographs and illustrations, this volume is a valuable library reference, a useful supplementary text for a wide range of courses, and stimulating leisure reading for physicists and non- physicists alike.
ISBN: 0817858911, 9780817858919
Authors: Grady Barrol,
Publisher: Harvey House
Keywords: anagrams, book, little
Pages: 32
Published: 1978-08
List Price: 4.29 USD

A collection of anagrams in which a single word or phrase is transformed with surprising results.